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Health, Wellness, and Understanding extended through years of training and experience

Shirley Premont
Founder, Life Coach, Corporate Trainer

Ms. Premont’s mission is to renew and revive hope, inspiration, and positive lifestyle changes in her clients.  She uses her health training, prior life-coaching and professional experience - to relate practical approaches for everyday living and to bring about transformation and rediscovery! She has had the distinct opportunity to work for these entities:

  • Healthy America, Inc.

  • The Senate Subcommittee on Health & Science

  • Parkview Community Hospital Medical Center &

  • Numerous Skilled Nursing Centers


And Shirley Premont is a life coach with empathy. On large-scale health issues - she experienced clinical depression in her college years, undiagnosed sleep apnea for 45+ years, Bell’s Palsy and recently confronted and combatted some neck and spine deterioration.

Message to our upcoming clients:

Our specialty is for you – our client – to rediscover yourself and to redefine your future. We use hope, laughter, emotional well-being, knowledge and health improvement to do this!

Shirley C. Premont - Background Summary

  • BS Degree - Sociology and Health, University of Maryland

  • Certified Health Coach - Dr. Sears Wellness Institute

  • Author of two motivational books - Celebrate Life Now! and Living Inspired Now.

  • Life Coach for more than Seven plus years.

  • Over 30 years of marketing, consulting and sales experience.

  • LinkedIN Profile at

Randy Premont
Chief Operating Officer

Randy has been a commercial information technology professional for over 46 years. His career spans the introduction of each of computing's most successful technologies including super-computing, massively parallel computing, distributed computing, grid computing, and cloud computing. He has been considered a trusted authority with regards to enterprise computing technologies specific to the energy, healthcare, and entertainment industries for over 46 years. His achievements include the development of several key industry solutions such as software as a service, high performance computing services, and grid computing services.  

Chris Mallazzo
Chief Marketing Officer

Chris has over 40 years’ experience in the technology industry with over 30 years in Senior Management, Strategy, and Marketing roles. He holds bachelor’s degrees in computer science and mathematics from Adelphi University. Chris is excellent in understanding a company’s entire business environment and technical infrastructure, he achieved aggressive enterprise goals and leveraged IT/IS resources to streamline internal processes and deliver performance, efficiency, and profit improvements. Employed with companies such as Electronic Data Systems (EDS), Dime Savings Bank of New York, and Emtec Inc., Chris has consistently rose to senior executive positions and introduced new and cutting-edge technologies. Chris has strong experience in cloud computing, business application architecture, infrastructure architecture; Storage and Data Protection solutions.

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