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Individual Coaching

Congratulations on making a decision to change and improve your life! Our individual consultations can be performed by phone, video conferencing or in person. You can choose any of the topics for your growth and development:

  • Ten Rules of Staying Positive (How to incorporate into you life)

  • How to discover, Use and Emphasize your Strengths and Gifts.

  • Finding Your Dream Job (from A to Z)

  • Living in Power and Thirty Affirmations of Hope made to be part of your life.

  • Stress and Beating Most Stress

  • Understanding Behavior and Making Changes.

  • Make Health Your Hobby.

  • Understanding Inflammation - Cutting Down/Decreasing It.

  • Turn Problems into Opportunities.

  • Getting Better Sleep.

Each of the above topics represents three sessions. You have the option of blocks of three sessions, either 45-50 or 70 minutes each. You will be held accountable, in positive ways, to make change and to progress also.

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