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Redefine Your Future
Coaching, Consulting and Training

Tired of feeling unfulfilled?

Tired of being in a rut a lot of the time?

Want to find some inner peace and joy?

We have ways and sessions to help you rediscover focus and your life goals!

Sign-up for the 30-Minute Renew Series!! Sessions are over the phone or via video – Google Meet!

Cost is $30 per session

Session topics include:

  1. Rediscover the Good

  2. Regain the Joy

  3. Clearing Confusion – One and Two

  4. Steps to a Happier Life! – One and Two

  5. Keep Up and Slow Down – One and Two

  6. What Drives You? – One and Two

  7. The Benefits of Belly Laughs

  8. Joy Boomerangs

  9. The End in Clear Site!

  10. There are also ten sessions available on better physical health.


Call Shirley @ 623-288-3122 now - to see how you can get a fresh new outlook.

Living Your Life Better

Get your Power For Life!!!

Contact us at 623-288-3122 or email us at

Why Power for Life

                                            Why Power For Life?

We guide and coach individuals and groups to improve the quality of
their lives! You can expect to:


  • Recognize and optimize your skills and talents;

  • Rediscover yourself through self-love, affirmations and self-realization;

  • Tackle feelings of hopelessness and defeat;

  • Make positive changes to your physical and emotional well-being; and

  • Redefine and reframe your future!


We provide you with science-based and researched information, as well as some of the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute presentations. Your sessions will be upbeat, comprehensive and fun. Clients have a clear-cut choice to decide on the topics listed below as their session material… Or you can have a series of Free-Flow Sessions that focus on an emotional, or health concern. The way we get to an issue of concern is through a short exercise called “The End in Clear Sight!” Clients are finding these Free-Flow Sessions to be very helpful to them!

All sessions focus on either emotional well-being or on healthier ways to living.  Please refer to topics below.

Download Dr. Sears Introduction Letter:
Session Topics Include
Session Topics Include
Lifestyle & Attitude
  • Serious Benefits of Belly Laughs

  • Joy Boomerangs

  • Celebrate You - Series

  • Keep Up & Slow Down

  • Beating Insecurity

  • Hope Unleashed

  • Staying Positive

  • Career Success

  • Life's Support

  • Clearing Confusion

  • What Drives You? - Series

  • Coming Soon: Defeating Doubt - Series

Health & Wellness
  • Goals for Healthy Aging

  • Heart Disease & More

  • Inflammation & Answers

  • Advanced Inflammation & Immunity

  • Make Health Your Hobby

  • Move Waste

  • Less Inflammation - More Energy

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Achieving a Healthier Lifestyle Should Not be a Lonely Experience!

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