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(Same Recognized Team as Power for Life)

If you're looking for eye-opening & proven ways to unlock levels of success, through marketing, P4M has tailored marketing solutions for you.  PLEASE SEE:

Session topics include:
  1. Clearing Confusion 1 & 2

  2. Keep Up & Slow Down

  3. Benefits of Belly Laughs

  4. Shower Yourself with Hope 1 & 2

  5. 15 Steps to a Vibrant Life

  6. Improve Where you Are Now!

  7. Anxious No More!

  8. Your Health is Your Wealth!

  9. Appreciate You

  10. What Drives You?

  11. Earn Your Emotional Wealth

  12. Keep the Faith & Carry On

  13. Job Search Extrordinair

  14. Custom-made topics are available to you also.




Call Shirley @ 623-288-3122 now - to see how you can get a fresh new outlook.

Calling all HR, Practice Administrators & Other Leaders

Secure your spot now in group life coaching programs. You and I will hand-craft a program, from the 14 topics here and the 5 topics in the box below. If you’re

looking for these, you’re ready to go:
   1. A JUMP in productivity,
   2.Better teamwork & company morale, and
   3. People with emotional & physical well

       being are at the top of their game!



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Please see the Session Topics box below.

Living Your Life Better

Get your Power For Life!!!

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Why Power for Life

                                            Why Power For Life?

With Individual and Group Coaching

You can expect to:


  • Recognize and optimize your skills and talents,

  • Redefine your purpose & goals,

  • Reconnect to what's positive,

  • Strive to be authentic, while recognizing reality.


You will receive science-based and researched information packaged in upbeat, comprehensive and fun content. (Most sessions below are from the Dr. Sears Wellness programs). Design your unique program NOW.

You can be part of the elite group heading for progress and change!

Download Dr. Sears Introduction Letter:
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Session Topics Include
Health & Wellness
  • The Power of Sleep! 1 & 2

  • Make Health Your Hobby!

  • Goals for Healthy Aging!

  • Move Waste from Your Waist!

  • Less Inflammation – More Energy!

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